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Welcome to the most competitive online shop for Draper Tools. Rapid Tools is a Chronos Group website, so you can be sure of FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERIES (orders over 100*) and EXPERT KNOWLEDGE. Chronos also sell a huge range of other tools and equipment - please visit WWW.CHRONOS.LTD.UK for our comprehensive website.

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Some Top Selling Draper Products

Draper Welders

Draper Welders (Draper Expert range) are designed and made in Europe using the highest quality components guaranteeing durability. Draper Welders are aimed at the semi-professional/professional user.

Draper Washers

Draper petrol powered pressure washers (up to 9HP) and electric powered Draper pressure washers (up to 3KW). For professional and domestic use.

Draper Drills

Draper cordless drills and Draper bench drills and Draper DIY Electric Drills plus Draper Expert electric impact drills.

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Best Selling Items

2.4L Waterproof Storage Case

Bevel Ripping Guide - BRA200


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Silverline Plant Support 3 Ring: 450mm

DRAPER Stainless Steel Bristle Scrub Brush (180mm)

Heritage Range Trowel with FSC Certified Ash Handle

Silverline Air Blow Gun: 230mm Long Reach

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