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50L Dust Extractor (1000W)

(Tool Reference: 10923

50L Dust Extractor (1000W)
50L Dust Extractor (1000W)
When a dedicated dust extractor is required the Draper 10923 1000W is ideal. Manufactured from superior materials, its heavier construction helps deliver a better performance when compared against some lightweight dust-extractors on the market. The extractors are provided with a high purification cartridge filter, which is designed to sieve down to 5 microns, minimizing the amount of harmful dust in the workshop. Supplied with 2M x 100mm dia. hose with connectors and clips, five filter bags, 2M (approx.) cable and approved plug. A particularly useful dust extraction machine for fine dust particle producing tools, such as saws or sanders. This compact but powerful machine is ideal for workshops with limited space. Specification:
Air flow (100mm dia. hose)   ...   50L/sec
Overall size   ...   Height: 670mm
         ...   Base: 355mm dia.
Capacity   ...   50L
Weight   ...   10kg
Draper Reference: 10923

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Product: 50L Dust Extractor (1000W)
Tool Reference: 10923
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