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1600W 230V Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Tool Reference: 10966

1600W 230V Dry Vacuum Cleaner
1600W 230V Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Ideal for use in the home, small office etc. Designed to pick up dry materials only. Features include: 360° swivelling front wheel, variable suction, built-in carrying handle and cable recoil button. 3L dust bag capacity. Fitted with 4.5M(approx.) cable and approved plug. Display carton. The cleaner is Supplied with the following;
•   Foam filter
•   3 x paper dust bags
•   1.5M flexible hose with hand grip and air control
•   Adjustable extension tube
•   Brush attachment
•   Crevice attachment
•   Floor brush All accessories are 32mm diameter. Specification:
Max. vacuum pressure   ...   21-23KPa
Dust bag capacity   ...   3L
Dimensions in horizontal mode (approx.):
Length   ...   260mm
Height   ...   200mm
Depth   ...   400mm
Weight   ...   5kg
Draper Reference: 10966

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Product: 1600W 230V Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Tool Reference: 10966
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